Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Stories. The New Generation of poster Artist.

Left, Artist: Graham Preston, Hold on to your Cap!, 18 x 28", Acrylic painted directly onto acid-free board. (Inset detail)

I saw Graham at the Giordano Studio on Coryell street late one night while I was walking my dog. He was on the floor in bad light intensely working on a piece. Gary was letting him use his studio. The next day I saw this wonderful painting leaning on the glass there. I needed to invite this artist to do a poster. Graham was flattered and excited to be involved and quickly said yes. What a great piece. A page from a storybook of past come to life.

Thanks Graham for turning out an outstanding poster.

Visit his website:


Right, Artist: Chad Lassin, Reflections of Shad, 18 x 28", Watercolor and Colored Pencil painted directly onto acid-free poster board. (Inset detail)

"I always start abstractly, letting my imagery come from the mental process, and not going off a set plan or idea." Chad Lassin has been an artistic, creative individual his entire life. In 2005 he received his BFA from Alfred University, School of Art & Design, with concentrations in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Chad's love for art has always been fueled by a deep connection and endless study of the natural world, with a passion for sacred geometry, cosmology, and the study of consciousness.

Everyone is talking about Chad Lassin and his Geometric works shown at Reinboth here in town. Chad is working helping Tony Lasalle at his studio behind Rojo's Roastery and producing his own body of work in his spare time. Chad also jumped at the opportunity to do one of our large posters this year and also opted to take a storybook illustration approach.

Thanks Chad for a great shadfest poster entry!

Visit his website:

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