Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two of our Best Woman Artists.

Left, Artist: Annelies Van Dommelen, The Rescue, 18 x 28", Acrylics on 300lb arches watercolor paper, mounted to acid-free poster board.

Annelies is alumna of The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). Always a generous contributor to this event and other causes including FACT Bucks County. Annelies is a prolific painter, printmaker and crafter whose work is included in private collections nationwide. We love her for her amiable disposition and omnipresence on the streets of Lambertville, riding her bike to and fro.

Thanks Annelies for a great piece and rescuing the froggie....

Visit his website: Annelies Van Dommelen

Right, Artist: Stacie Speer Scott, Liberty Fish, 18 x 28", Collage of objects, paper, paint and fabric applied to acid-free poster board. (Inset detail)

“ I collect fragments of paper, ephemera, objects and segments of my own paintings. When I put the works together it is usually based on relationships that I see between the fragments. The process can sometimes feel like chaos but through drawing, painting, sanding, rolling and encaustic, they come together. It is the journey that I crave. The resulting work of art provides as Julian Levy once wrote “a persuasive, convincing new species, made from the irrational discovery of joining the utterly dissimilar”.

Stacie has been living, working, and creating these wonderfully fascinating works in the Bucks County area since 1980.

Thank you Stacie for assembling this original piece just for us.

Visit her website: www.staciespeerscott.com

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