Thursday, April 14, 2011

James Feehan Donates Outstanding Original Piece.

Artist: James Feehan, Shad Revel, 18 x 28",  Oil and wax.

If I could live inside the brain of an artist it would be James Feehan's (the right side please). He puts you in a place of pure fantasy. I sometimes imagine life that way. And this painting portrays the shadfest in the way I imagine it in my head. The filtered light of the circus, c. 1935. Floating, flying, dreaming....characters of yesteryear, or today, playing their roles.

Own this incredible original painting by one of our most inspired and generous local artists.
visit the site: Rose Moon Studio

See it in person on display on shadfest weekend, April 30, May 1, at The first Presbyterian Church Rec. Room, 31 N. Union Street here in Lambertville. Register to bid at 2, Live Auction Begins at 3PM.

We accept absentee and phone bids! contact:

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  1. Jim Feehan's poster is a stunning contribution... The is a lovely gallery preview of the event, too.
    Carol C