Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free at last.

Artist: Kathy Ann Finch, Free at Last, 17 x 11", Watercolor.

South of the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead on the bike path is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the spillway at Alexaukin Creek. An old stone train track support abutment still stands there and a Canada goose pair return to the same spot on top of it every year to nest. It is literally only a few feet away from where bikers and walkers pass and gawk at the unflappable pair, but just far enough away to be safe. This painting depicts that scene. Momma goose keeping an eye on her freshly hatched gosling.

Thanks Kathy Ann for recording it down on paper in this beautiful rendering. Kathy Ann is a member of the Hunterdon Watercolor Society.

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