Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something to sing about...more shad poster entries!

Left, Artist: Roy Reinard, Canal Light, 17 x 11", Oil on board mounted to poster.

Roy grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of Bucks County and neighboring NJ. After many years of viewing local art as a patron Roy started to paint in 2007 to fulfill a natural desire to capture the beauty here. Roy went from self study to working with talented artists like Myles Cavanaugh, Ty Hodanish, Alex Cohen and Trisha Vergis of the Robert Beck Studio. A Member of Artsbridge, The New Hope Art League and the Michener Museum.

Roy volunteered to help us recruit artists for this year's event and succeeded too!

Well done Roy. A sweet painting from an artist we will keep our eyes on.

Right, Artist: Pearl Mintzer, Something to Sing About, 11 x 17", Digital print mounted to acid-free board.

Pearl has a BFA and MFA from Brooklyn College and studied with Ad Rheinhart, Philip Pearlstein and Carl Holty. "Dramatic Color" and Whimsey are the defining characteristics of her work.
Recent exhibitions in New York City at the Artsource International Showroom and Artsbridge in Lambertville.

Thanks Pearl for your contribution of great art!

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